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      Why these internet stocks can ride out a pandemic and rough earnings season

      J.P. Morgan Chase misses profit, revenue expectations

      Shares of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. rose 1.8% in premarket trading, after the banking giant reported first-quarter profit and revenue that missed expectations, hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, but beat on net interest income and saw strong growth in equity and fixed income markets revenue. Net income fell to $2.87 billion, or 78 cents a share, from $9.18 billion, or $2.65 a share, in the year-ago period. The FactSet consensus was for earnings per share of $2.18. Total revenue fell to $29.07 billion from $29.85 billion, below the FactSet consensus of $29.55 billion, while net interest income was flat at $14.5 billion to beat expectations of $14.0 billion. Consumer and community banking revenue fell 2.4% to $13.17 billion, below the FactSet consensus of $13.75 billion and corporate and investment bank revenue declined 0.9% to $9.95 billion, missing expectations of $10.29 billion. Within C&I, equity markets revenue jumped 28% to $2.2 billion and fixed income revenue grew 34% to $5.0 billion. "he first quarter delivered some unprecedented challenges and required us to focus on what we as a bank could do - outside of our ordinary course of business - to remain strong, resilient and well-positioned to support all of our stakeholders," said Chief Executive Jaime Dimon. The stock has lost 29.3% over the past three months, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has declined 19.2%.

      Johnson & Johnson hikes dividend as earnings top forecast

      China export and import declines slow in March

      BEIJING--China's exports and imports in March continued to drop but at a slower rate as the country's economic activity began to recover from the measures enacted to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

      Exxon borrows $9.5 billion as investment-grade companies race to fill war chests ahead of earnings

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      'I'm Very Concerned' for Small Businesses: Fmr. Secretary of Labor

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      AstraZeneca tops FTSE 100 leaderboard as U.K. stocks underperform Europe

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      Asian markets rise on better-than-expected China trade data

      AstraZeneca shares surge on Phase 3 trial success of lung cancer drug

      Shares of AstraZeneca shot up nearly 7% in London as the pharmaceutical said a phase III trial for its Tagrisso drug showed "overwhelming efficacy...

      European stocks open higher after Easter break

      European stocks advanced after the Easter weekend break, with the German DAX rising 1.3% in early trade and the U.K. FTSE 100 up 0.3%. U.S. stock...

      U.S. stock futures rise as brutal earnings season about to begin

      U.S. stock index futures rose late Monday, as Wall Street braced for an ugly earnings season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dow Jones Industrial ...

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      Netflix Stock Hit a Two-Year High Today. Here’s Why.


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      Letter from New York: ‘New Yorkers wear colorful homemade masks, while nurses wear garbage bags’

      ‘When I hear an ambulance, I wonder if there’s a coronavirus patient inside. Are there more 911 calls, or do I notice every distant siren?’

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      Tesla seeks rent reductions to cut costs amid outbreak

      Tesla Inc. has reached out to at least some of its landlords seeking rent reductions, according to firms contacted by the car company, as the auto maker looks for cost savings in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak ...

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      Connecting affluent buyers with luxury listings.

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